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About us

Meer Stemmig Gent (MSG) is a festival in and around the Ghent St. Maccharius Church and St. Bavo's Abbey that aims to introduce and defend the rich cultural heritage of (Flemish) polyphony from the Renaissance to a wider audience.


The unique combination of high-quality artistic programming, participation and a pleasant, no-nonsense atmosphere is central.

Antwerp, Bruges, Leuven and Mechelen have festivals at fixed times during the cultural season that are dedicated to the voice or vocal polyphony and/or polyphony and the heritage associated with it. Since MSG took the initiative in Ghent in 2012, the Artevelde city (with its rich historical and musical past) has also acquired its own place in the polyphony landscape.


MSG's ambition is to anchor that position within Ghent's rich cultural offering.


Meer Stemmig Ghent was founded in 2012 by the initiative of Jens Van Durme and Aart de Zitter, based on their great love for polyphony and their belief that this beautiful repertoire deserves a permanent place in a city like Ghent.

The festival always takes place during the last weekend of June or the first of July, at the transition from the school year to the summer holidays, a calm moment in the cultural calendar.

In 2014, the original de facto association was transformed into a full-fledged non-profit organization managed by Jens Van Durme, Luc Bontinck, Jan Demedts, and Pieter Mannaerts. The General Assembly also includes Liesbeth Peelman, Yves Rosseel, Frederik Styns, and Benedikte Van Garsse.

The organization of Meer Stemmig Gent is made possible by the City of Ghent and the Flemish Community.

On the occasion of MSG's tenth anniversary in 2022, a small publication was published, which you can view here.

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Former guests at Meer Stemmig Gent

Aquil'Alter'A (BE)

Capilla Flamenca (BE)

Cappella Pratensis (NL)

Cinquecento (AT)

Currende (BE)

Dionysos Now! (BE)

El Grillo (BE)

Ensemble Polyharmonique (DE)

Graindelavoix (BE)

Hathor Consort (BE)

Huelgas Ensemble (BE)

InVocare (CH)

La Fonte Musica (IT)

L'Acheron (FR)

Per-Sonat (DE)

Psallentes (BE)

Ratas del viejo Mundo (BE)

Sollazzo Ensemble (CH)

Servir Antico (CH)

Stile Antico (UK)

The Tallis Scholars (UK)

Tiburtina Ensemble (CZ)

Utopia (BE)

Victoria Consort (BE)

Vox Luminis (BE)

msg 2018 - Sint-Baafsabdij.jpg

Who are we?


Oscar Colbrandtstraat 78

9040 Sint-Amandsberg (Ghent)



Luc Bontinck - business manager

Jan Demedts - logistics 

Pieter Mannaerts - artistic collaborator

Jens Van Durme - general coordinator



Liesbeth Peelman

Yves Rosseel

Frederik Styns

Benedikte Van Garsse

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VZW Meer Stemmig Ghent can count on a number of enthusiastic volunteers: 

Onur Akkulak, David Bassens, Marijke Berten, Etienne Bollaert, Nicholas Cornia, Tom De Bleye, Johan De Croppe, Christina De Loore, Paul De Loore, Chris D'hondt, Guido Gruwez, Claire Paeleman, Stefan Polfliet, Goedele Reyniers , Paul Van den Berghe, Femke Vanderhaegen, Machteld Vanfraechem, Bernadette Van de Vijver, Inge Van Durme, Kristin Vanderborght, Brigitte Van Holle, Kaat Van Overwalle, Veronique Vanhoutte, Veerle Verhaegen, Dominique Verhaeghen, Guy Verstraete and many others.

If you would also like to participate in this project as a volunteer on the festival days and/or before, please let us know at


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